Another Night Of A Prostitute

She, stargazing in the night of full moon, fancy to unloose herself from the dark she is bound to live. The world has left her dejected and ruined. But the stars, shining bright with no fear of enslavement, bring a light of hope in her teary eyes. Those sparkling drops evident of her miserable life roll down to her cheeks and she starts wishing to be free; probably a tear or a star. She had never had a childhood as people used to play with her body when the girls of her age played in streets like a loose-leaf. She feels strangulated as she has no right over her own body and there seems to be no road to cross over to the safer end. She closes her eyes and dives into dreamscape, the only place where she is not shackled with vicious life. This is how her another night is spent.

The Parched Leaves

Autumn has coerced leaves to distance them
from the tree they belonged to.
Leaves have turned pale and parched
in a futile incessant wait,
and the tree has turned defoliated and ugly.
The pleasant noise of the leaves swaying in the wind,
perhaps a joyous dance, is a thing of past.
The mourn of separation has taken over.
The parched leaves will be burned or crushed soon.
Their hope buried inside will fall to its doom.
However, the tree’s sorrow will be faded
as soon will come the spring.
Love will blossom with the new leaves it will bring.
And sacrifice, existence and love of the parched leaves will be consigned to oblivion.

Victory, If

Victory, if, is your desire
Exhale negativity, Imbibe fire
Life’s once and never again, sire
Onward is a whole world to acquire
Victory, if, is your desire
Love yourself; comfort, admire
the potential you retain, then sink in mire
Get yourself dirty, a winner is, first, a trier


His inner self had ethereal beauty
of all the seasons combined
Yet it seemed surreal to ever find
another being with a beautiful mind
He looked high and low
and freed all the fears confined
Hope lingered, although dwindling flame
was at the back of his mind
But soon the hope died for good
However, he realised what’s more worthy to find
A vase of self-love
wherein the soul is enshrined

A Perfect Storyline

She wears smile of a pure kind
Which fills other souls with sunshine

Take shelter in her beautiful mind
Are the thoughts, wise, clear and divine

Read her eyes and you will find
A book filled with love, compassion
and a perfect storyline

But I Fell

Your heart’s numb and bowed eyes filled with pain
Sinless face and your smile, though rare, make me insane
You have been broken and not treated well
But inside of you is so beautiful that I tried not to, but I fell
So, let me revive the heart with my love so warm and rare
and kiss the honest eyes to ease the pain there
Or loose yourself into the safe circle of my arms
and fill the void created by the wrong people and their tantrums

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton